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Monday, 26 October 2009

President Mohamed Al Fayed?

According to this mornings Metro newspaper, "Fayed: I'm ready to be president". So I just assumed President of Harrods or some other nonsense title, but actually how wrong I was.

Mohamed Al Fayed in fact wishes to be President of Scotland, yes you read that right he wants to be President of Scotland.

There is a couple of caveats - one is that has to be an independent Scotland, and that the Scots have to abandon the Royal family.

The only thing that made sense in this weird pitch to be President is that Mohamed Al Fayed dislikes Alex Salmond, he said; "You have been living in a coma for too long. .....But I don't want this Alex Salmond. I asked to meet him but he refused. Salmond would be better off fishing for salmon than being a politician. He is a d***head."

Ouch, Al Fayed not holding his punches there.

(and I am blogging about d***heads a little too often this week).

I love Scotland, I love living here and I have loved it over the 20 years I holidayed here, and an Independent Scotland would be a nightmare and President Al Fayed would be nothing short of awful.

Leave Scotland alone and get on with running your shop and Estate and leave the politics alone.

1 comment:

Bubbles said...

"President Al.... as long as I can be King".

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