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Friday, 16 October 2009

Labour's Glasgow North East by-election gaffe #3

Three, yes three, firstly why have the people of Glasgow North East now been without an MP for 117 days, they could have called the by-election before the summer recess when Michael Martin stood down so;

Gaffe one - not calling the by-election when Michael Martin resigned.

Gaffe two - candidate Willie Bain not signing his "contract" with the people (as of this morning it still isn't signed).

Gaffe three - phoning Lib Dem voters to tell them the writ is being moved today (Friday), wait for it........who live in Dunfermline.

Last night telephones in Dunfermline were being called by an electronic message from their Glasgow North East candidate.

"Hello, I am Willie Bain, Labour candidate in the Glasgow North East by-election"

He then started taking about when the poll would be called and then mid sentence hung up.

To be fair Willie is the candidate for Dunfermline, Willie Rennie MP that is, who took the Dunfermline & West Fife seat in the 2006 by-election from Labour.

Why in Scotland are Labour campaigns so disastrous at the start, they do then seem to sort themselves out but is this another case of disorganisation or just stupid mistakes?

1 comment:

Stephen Glenn said...

Maybe their campaign song is to the tune of "Send in the Clowns"

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