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Saturday, 17 October 2009

El Presidente Tony Blair

As George Lyon MEP quite rightly states, if the words President Tony Blair don't send a shiver down your spine, they should or you aren't entirely normal - or you are Peter Mandelson (then please see previous comment).

With Ireland voting yes to and then Poland ratifying the Lisbon Treaty this is something that could in fact become reality.

Imagine the destruction Tony Blair could do with armies from across Europe? Wasn't it bad enough that he and George Bush took us into an illegal war in Iraq?

I fully believe that Tony Blair has to answer for the illegal war in Iraq before he can go onto anything else, given that he has blood on his hands and that is how he is known throughout the world, is he in fact even someone who should be considered as a candidate for this post?

I don't think he should until all of the questions from Iraq have finally been answered.

He became power made running the UK, I cannot even begin to wonder the size of his ego if he became President of the European Union and what's more I don't want to imagine it because I really hope it does not come any closer to reality than it is now - a suggestion.

George Lyon MEP goes onto show his support for Mary Robinson. On this one George, I am entirely with you.

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Jeremy Hargreaves said...

Chris Davies has a good way of making some of these points, standing against Tony Blair for this post:

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